I tried to pull together some images I liked that I thought could help you with direction for the album art. The album colors are lavender and dark green so I want that theme to go with the merch. We’re trying to do eco-friendly shirts so the ink needs to be darker than the shirt with water soluble ink so I was thinking lavender shirts with dark green ink. I also was looking into dark green and lavender embroidered hats, lavender and dark green enamel pins, and dark green enamel camp mugs with lavender print.

Our new album is called Inside Outside. It’s about growing up and learning who you want to be and then becoming that person. It reflects a lot on the freedom and innocence of childhood, but also bad thought patterns we learned growing up. It reflects on the stress of adulthood and pressure we mostly put on ourselves to be “successful” in the way we think the world wants us to be.

For the album campaign we are releasing new singles every month while we hike the Appalachian Trail. We’re going to be wearing all lavender gear and clothes on the trail from shoes to pants to backpacks and even our tent. We’ll be playin ukulele versions of our songs along the way to fellow hikers and posting videos and pictures of our travels and putting them up for people to follow online. After the hike we are leaving from Maine on a 2-month national tour continuing to wear lavender but playing our actual instruments, keyboard, drums, guitar. Our amps and instruments and clothes on the tour will be lavender as well. The color dark green will be represented by the nature around us.

I’m mainly a keyboardist and vocalist and my bandmate Logan is a drummer. I also play an electric Fender starcaster guitar. I say those things in case you wanted to incorporate them into your designs. The designs could focus on the journey of our trip, the combined hike and tour, or on ideas of the songs. I don’t want them to be too camp-y cheezy but I think that could be cool to incorporate the indoor outdoor themes potentially. Help me! I don’t know. I’m not very good at this part. I hope this info helps!

Band Name: The Mailboxes


Album Name: Inside Outside

Lavender Logo.JPG

Our Latest Single/Music Video: “All I Know”

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More Unreleased Songs from the New Record For Inspo: