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Logan’s Bio

My parents didn’t have the money to give us music lessons growing up, but even without classical training music was a big part of my upbringing. My dad would always blast seventies and eighties rock after dinner and my brothers and I would go crazy singing and dancing with our dad, who was just trying to tire us out so we would go to bed. The heavy rock I grew up on led me into the heavy metal I started listening to in high school. I went to shows and loved the energy and knew I wanted to perform. 

When I was eighteen I joined my first band as a heavy metal vocalist and, but being around music majors in college inspired me to pick up an instrument as well. When I was nineteen I started taking bass lessons and playing in jazz ensembles while I was enrolled at Lee University. I started playing at local churches as well and a couple years later I met my now bandmate and wife Jillian at a Christmas Charity Event we were both asked to play at a local church. We became friends and she invited me to play bass in her band The Mailboxes. 

The next year, my friend Nathan and I started a metal band called Oration and recorded an album. While Jillian and I were dating, I was in and out of playing for The Mailboxes and more focused on my own project. I got a clothing endorsement from Straightedge Worldwide and they even wrote an article about “two lead vocalists getting married” when Jillian and I wed in 2013. After Jillian graduated from Lee University, she started touring and trying to pursue music as much as possible. My band dissolved due to people moving on to other projects, and I missed Jillian when she started touring for weeks at a time. She was struggling keeping band members as well and I felt like I was missing out on all the fun when she was touring without me. I suggested to her that I learn drums and join The Mailboxes because the band needed a drummer more than a bassist and I thought playing drums for Jillian would be more fun since she plays the low end on the keyboard already. 

We bought a van and a drum set after one of Jillian’s tours and I started practicing while she continued to play and hire out band members. I fixed up the van and renovated it into a tiny home for us to tour in. It was stressful at first learning a whole new instrument and learning how to work as collaborators instead of just a hired hand in Jillian’s project. We started touring and I fell in love with touring and the drums as a craft. I love writing accompanying parts to Jillian’s classically influenced pop songs and have realized I’m a very melodic drummer, which fits really well with my wife’s compositions. 

After a few tours together we were ready and excited to put out an album, but last year I broke my right wrist and left elbow in a work accident from falling off a ladder. This was a huge set back in our plans, and it was painful having made so much progress only to be paused and have to regain skills all over again. I still didn’t want to give up. Not even two months after the accident I started playing shows with only one arm. Even though we have had to replan our album release, we are even more a team than we were before the accident and we’re ready to become full-time musicians after our new release in 2019. The hard work we’ve put into this project over the last few years has paid off and we are excited to share what we’ve made with the world.