In 2019, The Mailboxes will be releasing a new album and combining their passions for the outdoors and the arts as part of a unique album campaign. They are going to play an album release concert in their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee on March 1, 2019 and then hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine playing ukulele renditions of their new songs to people they pass on the United States’ most popular trail. Then they will continue from Maine on a 2-month national tour playing shows in all major cites across the US and even in Canada. For the journey, they will be making most their own lavender gear and clothes to wear and use on the trail and tour. For things they cannot make they are either looking for lavender versions or turning gear they need into lavender through dyeing, painting, or whatever process necessary. They need lavender ukuleles to take with them, which is where Kala comes in.

Kala makes ukuleles that are perfect for the outdoors and travel. The Waterman Series specifially is perfect for thru-hiking and enduring all kinds of weather. The Mailboxes are interested in promoting Kala during their campaign through videos, social media posts, and press in return for a Kala Soprano Waterman Ukulele to take with them on the trail and an electric/acoustic Kala Tenor Ukulele to take on the tour. If Kala is able, it would be amazing to have custom lavender instruments, but if not we are interested in using the Transparent Ice Soprano Waterman and adding lavender details and getting a custom lavender paint job on the electric/acoustic Tenor Ukulele. We are customizing our guitars, amps, keyboards, drums in lavender as well and we need a ukulele to match! The duration of the project and proposed partnership will be from February 2019 to November 2019, however can be extended to our future tours. Our target audience that we reach the most is Female College Students who love using ukuleles and being outdoors! We think our target audiences overlap and would love to promote Kala to our fans we already have and ones we plan to make on this journey.


The Mailboxes is an art-pop duo from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Members Jillian and Logan Ivey are co-conspirators in the project and also happen to be married. Jillian is a whimsical singer-songwriter who plays keys, guitar, and ukulele and Logan accompanies her with melodic drum parts. Jillian released The Mailboxes’ first full length record Red Flags in 2013 and an EP titled Post Script in 2015 before Logan joined the project full-time. Over the past two years, the two have been touring across the country and conspiring to make the band an artistic collaboration between the two of them instead of a one woman show who hires out band members. The Mailboxes second full length album Inside Outside will be their first record as a duo. The record will be released in 2019 and followed by a national tour.

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2013 ArtistSignal Artist of the Month - $10,000 Prize

2016 Daytrotter Session

2016-2017 Audiofeed

2018 Open Mic Spotlight

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Courtney Marie Andrews, Shawn Mullins, Relient K, The Almost, Jillian Jensen, Bombadil, Clark Beckham, The Collection, Busman’s Holiday, Rusty Clanton, Sales, Pinegrove, Sinai Vessel


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